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Igors Bjorks

Igors Bjorks

Languages spoken

Latvian, Russian, English, Norwegian

Favorite Sports / Activities

MMA, CrossFit, Golf, Hockey


Active Education Personal Trainer (EHFA) – Norway; 
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – Finland 


Igors’ specialty is creating a healthy body. By healthy he means a lean, muscular, flexible body with a strong heart and good cardio vascular system. The road to a healthy body includes physical exercise, correct nutrition and most often fixing problem areas like pains in lower back, neck and shoulders, elbows and knees etc.

About Igors 

From early childhood Igors showed interest in different sports. He has tried yoga, sports dancing, acrobatics, various martial arts and basketball. A lot of attention was paid to maintain and achieve good physical health. 

In 2009. Igors went to  Oslo (Norway), where he obtained a Personal Trainer education. After certification, he successfully  worked in some of Norway’s capital's leading fitness centrs side by side with world recognized fitness trainers, thus obtaining invaluable experience and becoming a very sought-after Personal Trainer himself.

With considerable amount of knowledge and experience, as well as a desire to share his professional skills, in 2013 Igors returned to Latvia, where he continued his work as a Personal Trainer.  Additionally Igors continued to expand his knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness.  In autumn 2013 Igors successfully completed the CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification in Finland. Straight after that he decided to open a fitness club in Riga, where "under supervision of a professional trainer, people could improve their health, by working on many dimensions simultaneously".  Igors calls himself a trainer of physical health, who helps people to understand their bodies, to find out what is causing pain, tiredness, illnesses and then offers solutions for these problems.  

"The purpose of physical training is strengthening of the physical and mental health", stresses Igors. In his opinion the lack of information is a main reason behind peoples' laziness and poor motivation, which in turn prevents them to achieve optimal health. As a result, there is less joy, the quality of life is reduced and people miss out achievements and success that would be available with better health and more energy.

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