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Dace Lorensa

Dace Lorensa


Yoga instructor, Personal Trainer, Head Administrator


Languages spoken

Latvian, English, Russian


Favourite sports/activities

Yoga, fitness, reading and natural foods



C category fitness specialist, ("Sporta izglītības aģentūra"), Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Instructor ("British Wheel of Yoga"), Yin Yoga Specialist (Yin Yoga teacher training with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier)


About myself: 

I have been in love with yoga for over 15 years now. My yoga practice roots are coming from classical Hatha yoga, but during all these years I have tried and experienced many different yoga styles (in Latvia, India and UK), that they have influenced my self practice and teaching style. I became a yoga instructor whilst living in UK, where I also specialized in pregnancy yoga. In last couple of years I have been especially taken by Yin yoga – a slow, meditative yoga style that can really help to find balance in this fast-paced world.

Yoga to me is like a deep, bottomless well, from which I can take as much knowledge about myself and life as I am ready to receive, in that particular moment of my life.

From 2018 I am also offering personal fitness training in the gym, since I have discovered how well strength training compliments yoga practice. My purpose is to give my clients the very best I have learnt and experienced.



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